Feeling black and blue.

We often come across this line when someone’s been hit really bad on the outside. But what about on the inside? What do we use?

I’m currently feeling black and blue on the inside. A different type of hurt that is probably equivalent to the physical pain.

Heartbroken, hurt etc are the words we often use when something’s wrong on the inside. But is it always the matter of the heart? I don’t think so.

This time around the feeling of black and blue is because it’s my heart is bruised. Bruised so bad that it probably needs a doctor if it were for a physical injury.

Where do I go? What do I do? Who do I “consult?’’

I think when our feelings and our heart turn black and blue it does take a reasonable time to overcome that wound.

In this situation we are our own doctors. We have to open those wounds by ourselves, treat them, and close them again just in the hope that they wouldn’t have to be open again.

24 thoughts on “Feeling black and blue.

  1. We don’t have treat them ourselves. That’s why they have mental health doctors. I’m so sorry that you’re struggling. I’ve been in a situation where my heart was shattered and I thought it could never be mended. The funny thing about heartbreak is that you’ll go on feeling this way until you suddenly can’t remember when the pieces began to mend again. You’ll wake up one day and it will still hurt but it won’t be nearly as raw. Until then, your mental well-being will greatly impact the physical and the only way through it… is forward.

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